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Commercial Stoves & Ranges

Looking for a new commercial range for your restaurant? Foodservice operators have counted on Chefs' Toys for their high performance ranges since 1988. Choose from commercial gas ranges, electric ranges, countertop ranges, range accessories and more. Need help selecting the right commercial range? Our team of chefs and foodservice professionals would be happy to help.

Commercial Ranges and Stoves

A commercial stove or commercial range is central to many restaurant and foodservice operations. At Chefs' Toys, we have the high-performance electric and gas ranges that a professional chef and crew needs to put together elegant cuisine and succeed with fast-paced table service.

Electric and Gas Ranges

One big choice you'll have to make is whether to use an electric or gas commercial stove model.

Gas is prized for its quick heating. However, electric restaurant stove models are sometimes more practical where space is limited.

Another commercial stove that works well with limited space is a modern induction range. Induction ranges use magnetic energy to heat up burners. This innovative technology combines some of the good characteristics of both traditional electric and gas models.

Countertop Stoves and Kitchen Ranges For Restaurants

Many restaurants choose to use a larger floor standing commercial stove and oven as one of the primary stations in the kitchen layout.

Others might want to use smaller countertop models, which might have only one or two burners along with specialized digital or analog controls for kitchen use.

The size and shape of the commercial grade stove and its burners will have an impact on how kitchen workflows develop. Think about ergonomics for kitchen workers and the most practical ways to get food from the walk-in and other sources to the table, with well-designed preparation methods. Buyers can also consider specialty choices like wok ranges.

Chefs' Toys can help restaurants get everything they need for successful operations today, including a stove as well as accessories. Take a look at the various commercial stove and commercial range models as well as buying guides and other resources available on the site.