About Us

Our Story
From our humble beginnings in 1988, as a chef-founded knife sharpening company to present day, Chefs' Toys has focused on building lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, and our terrific employees. The journey of our company's evolution has been quite remarkable. We treat everyone the same: with respect, while always trying to do the right thing. This approach to business is the foundation of our success as the largest Restaurant Equipment and Supplies dealer in Southern California and one of the fastest growing in the country. Our Founder, Steve Dickler, received the Dealer Achiever Award in 2016 at the National Restaurant Show - one of the greatest honors in our industry.

Chefs' Toys is proud to offer time-tested and commercial kitchen approved products from the best manufacturers in the foodservice industry. We are constantly testing and searching for new products to serve our customers' needs. You can feel confident that when you buy a product from Chefs' Toys it has been vetted, tested, and will meet your expectations. Although our roots are firmly planted in Southern California, our customer base continues to expand nationally.

With the acquisition of a major restaurant design firm, Chefs' Toys beefed up its talent pool for consulting and design. As a result, we offer complete design services for restaurants, commercial kitchens and bars. From front of house to the most complex kitchen design requirements, equipment installation, and foodservice supplies fulfillment, our staff provides turnkey solutions for the foodservice industry.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple: do right by the customer and they'll always come back. This approach to business has fueled our growth and helped us build a growing base of loyal foodservice customers spanning decades.

Humble Beginnings, Clear Vision
Starting with a passion for food, Chefs' Toys began in 1988 with a genuine desire to help other Chefs. From humble beginnings to a foodservice enterprise, Chefs' Toys business philosophy has never wavered.