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Chefs’ Toys has worked with numerous restaurant construction companies. If you are looking to build or expand a restaurant or bar let us help.

Having been deeply immersed in thousands of restaurant build outs, expansions and remodels, we have seen it all since our humble beginnings in 1988. Working with contractors with restaurant construction experience will give you a much better outcome and lower your risk.

We have witnessed countless times where county codes were not addressed. Or workflow considerations or commercial kitchen best practices were not accounted for. Don’t let these mistakes jeopardize the success of your foodservice operation.

Chefs’ Toys has worked with numerous restaurant construction companies over the years. If you are looking to build a new restaurant or bar or simply wanting to expand or update your facility, let us put you in touch with a great resource. While we are based in southern California, we are part of the national Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association (FEDA) where we can assist providing reputable construction resources.

Chefs’ Toys also does some limited construction work in Southern California. (CA License #1007621)

Planning to construct a new bar or restaurant? Have a plan to expand or remodel your foodservice business or commercial kitchen? Simply fill out the form below.