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Commercial Deep Fryers

Restaurants use a variety of fry machines and fryers to deep fry food. From French fries and chicken tenders, these pieces of kitchen equipment are subject to thousands of hours of use. Look for these types of commercial deep fryer machines for a bar, restaurant, food truck or other food service business; Chefs' Toys can help you pick the right model for your business.

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers

Some commercial deep fryers run on liquid propane or natural gas. Gas deep fryers can be an attractive option when restaurants have existing gas lines, or have the space to use gas tanks instead of drawing from the building's electrical system.

There are also electric floor fryers that can be made to run efficiently and provide great results for long-term use. Take a look at these models, including some with low-watt ribbon heating elements and other useful features with energy star ratings.

Chefs' Toys can also help you get all of the gear and fryer parts accessories you need to make the most of your frying machine.

Aside from the traditional pan or basket, you can also get other types of deep frying containers, as well as splash guards and safety accessories for these commercial machines.

Restaurant Deep Fryer Options

Let Chefs' Toys help outfit you with the right type of commercial deep frying machine for your establishment. Choose from countertop deep fryers that fit on existing countertop space, or standalone floor-standing machines with ergonomic controls and their own footprint in your kitchen.

Since 1988, Chefs' Toys has been helping restaurant owners and managers to outfit their commercial kitchens. Take a look and get set up with everything that you need for food service success.