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Commercial Kitchen Design

Need help with Commercial Kitchen Design? At Chefs' Toys we know that a commercial kitchen is the nerve center of any foodservice operation. Call us today!

Commercial Kitchen Design

Having been directly and indirectly involved in thousands of builds, we know that a commercial kitchen is the nerve center of any foodservice operation. The Chefs' Toys Design team adds decades of experience working with a wide variety of restaurants and foodservice businesses. In January 2016, Chefs' Toys acquired one of the best commercial kitchen design firms in the country whose past clients include Sizzler, Spago, Johnny Rockets, Pieology, Hyatt, Kansas Star Casino, Lemonade, Urban Plates, Baja Fresh, Nobu and many more. These new resources create a synergy affording our clients a one-stop-shop, from planning to building to maintaining a high performance commercial kitchen.

Our objectives for Commercial Kitchen Design clients are to:

• incorporate best practices
• maximize productivity
• scale for growth
• achieve food safety
• conform to code
• stay under budget

Before embarking on any new project, we seek to fully understand service requirements and space availability. Then we consider the best design practices while accounting for kitchen workflow, food delivery, food storage, food preparation, cooking, holding cooked food, food service area, washing, and waste disposal. We aim to set realistic timelines and always complete project deliverables.

Workflow considerations are extremely important for both staff productivity and to ensure safe working conditions. Our commercial kitchen design projects will generally include risk assessment to identify any gaps or shortfalls in advance. For example, we help to ensure the delivery of food ingredient inventory while planning for catering needs and sufficient check-in areas.

Increasingly, environmental considerations are becoming more of a priority. More operators and restaurateurs want to save water and energy to reduce costs and support green initiatives. Chefs’ Toys can assist with equipment rebate programs to lower costs. Little things like lighting, wall surfaces, and numerous other details can make all the difference in a commercial kitchen project. Reducing unanticipated scope creep and leaving some room for unanticipated obstacles is always crucial.

Great product knowledge is the cherry on top of Chefs' Toys design projects. Our deep knowledge of foodservice equipment brands, equipment and supplies in addition to our outstanding reputation with major foodservice equipment and supply manufacturers adds exceptional value particularly in the design phase. In addition, our extensive win-win relationships with commercial kitchen specialists and vendors offers our customers a turnkey resource to plan and execute your commercial kitchen project.

Contact us for your next commercial kitchen build out or upgrade! We'd be glad to help. Either complete the form on this page or email us at consulting@chefstoys.com.

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