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Professional Baking Supplies

Looking for baking and pastry products? Check out our baking pans, baking and pastry tools, bakery displays and bakery disposables. Select from our commercial baking and pastry products below or let one of our foodservice professionals assist you.
Baking & Pastry Products
If you're looking to outfit your kitchen for baking operations, we've got you covered. Chefs' Toys has the full spectrum of professional baking supplies and cooking gear that you need to turn out all kinds of breads pastries and other baked goods even in a smaller kitchen with the right craftsmanship and quality for anyone's plate.

Professional Baking Supplies: Pans and Mats
Take a look at all of our stainless steel and alloy baking pans and sheets in an array of shapes and sizes for your oven. You may also want modern silicon mats that help with burning and sticking. We have some of the best products out there to make your baking results cleaner and mess free.

Display Equipment
When your cake finally rolls out of the oven and gets frosted, you want something attractive to set it on. Cake stands are a product that's been popular in the baking world for decades.

Maybe you want some bread baskets for covered containers for those neat danishes or scones that you lovingly prepared. Our range of display gear helps you to show off your creations the right way.

Cutters, Rollers and Other Accessories
Before you get to throw your baked goods into the oven, you have to work with the raw ingredients - the dough. Rolling pins are one example of excellent baking gear that supports long-term operations. We also have specialized cake and pie cutters, and other baking utensils to make your kitchen hum along.

Decorating Goods
Pastry decorating kits come in a variety of forms. You might want a set of small-nosed icing decorators in a kit. Alternately, you might want sheets of fondant and other gear for creating those formal cakes that are so sleek and attractive they might not seem edible at first glance.

We have the full range of gear that you want for baking: we also have knife sharpening and other services available for professional kitchens and home-cooks alike. Try a company that is "for chefs, by chefs," with a catalog that's unmatchable anywhere!