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Commercial Kitchen Supplies & Wares

Come to Chefs' Toys for all of your commercial kitchen supplies! We have been supplying kitchen supplies to restaurants, industrial and home kitchens, restaurants and foodservice operators since 1988. We offer a full range of time-tested products including baking and pastry products, chef wear apparel, kitchenware, knives and cutlery, pizza equipment, sanitation and maintenance products, scales, timers, thermometers, and safety products. Select products from one of our categories or let one of our foodservice professionals assist you. We are happy to help.
Kitchen Supplies and Smallwares
It's not only the big things that are important in equipping your restaurant or food service business the right way. In addition to major pieces of restaurant kitchen equipment like commercial ranges and ovens, accessories and other kinds of cooking supplies are important, too.

At Chefs' Toys, we have the full spectrum of kitchen supplies for a busy restaurant. Our catalog is extensive, reflecting all of the professional kitchen accessories and cooking supplies that chefs need to be successful.

Common Kitchen Supplies
When you need to supply a working restaurant, you have a lot to buy. First, there's the cookware - the pots and pans, and the spatulas and ladles and other instruments of the kitchen. But the gamut of useful kitchen supplies doesn't stop there. Not by a long shot.

On one hand, many traditional sorts of small items allow chefs and cooks to manipulate food ingredients like dough, vegetables, meat and other particular inventory with care. On the other hand, new technology has also brought many different kinds of state-of-the-art electrical and high-tech kitchen accessories that can save time and increase accuracy for a busy table service or large catering order.

In our experience supplying and delivering equipment for restaurants and food service operators since 1988, a lot of the work of offering the best products and advice is based on what we ourselves have learned in the kitchen. At Chefs' Toys, our sales team is made up of former chefs and food service pros who have actually used the gear that we are selling - and that makes a big difference!

Cooking Supplies at Chefs' Toys
What our "for chefs, by chefs" motto means is that we bring our practical experience to you. So when you need everything big and small to get your restaurant in fighting shape, come to us! Call (714) 665-CHEF (2433) to talk to one of our expert chefs and sales members, or use our extensive resources online to get what you need for long term success.