Fat Daddio's

Since the 1960’s, Fat Daddio's has been designing and manufacturing bakeware. Fat Daddio's started in business to private label Magic Line pans. During that time, Fat Daddio's listened to what customers loved about their bakeware, and what they would change. From these suggestions, the Fat Daddio's brand of anodized aluminum bakeware was developed. The Anodizing of the aluminum causes the pans to be nearly as hard as stainless steel which ensures a longer life. Anodized aluminum bakeware is free from extra metals that overbake, and chemical coatings that peel and flake. Fat Daddio's Pro Series bakeware heats faster and cools quicker, which saves time and provides for an easier cleanup. There is no doubt that Fat Daddio's anodized aluminum bakeware is used by more pastry chefs and professional bakers than any other brand.