In 1848, Gardner S. Blodgett built his first oven for a local Vermont tavern owner who told him that his oven wasn't heating food properly. The success of Blodgett's creation spread quickly and soon tavern owners from the surrounding areas were requesting new and improved ovens. By 1854, the young entrepreneur patented his improved baking oven and incorporated his business as G.S. Blodgett and Company. Today, Blodgett is the leading manufacturer of commercial ovens in the world staying true to its original vision. The tagline "Built like a Blodgett" emphasizes a common feature to all Blodgett ovens--rugged, long-lasting construction. Blodgett ovens are known for their trouble free operation featuring the most advanced oven technologies and cost efficient systems. Whichever Blodgett oven you select, you are guaranteed an oven that will improve food quality and increase yield.