The Chefs’ Toys Baker’s Gift Guide

Bakers Gift Guide

Picture this: A cold, grey, rainy day outside, with warm, yellow kitchen light shining out from the windows, and freshly baked pumpkin pies cooling on the counter top while delicious cookies crisp and brown in the oven... This is kind of what fall looks like to a baking fan, and really, you can get the same kind of feeling all year, although for many of us, baking is most magical around the holiday season. If you want to get just the right gift for the baker in your life, take a look at some of these top baking gift ideas that will help your culinary genius to craft all sorts of tasty breads, cookies and baked goods, in comfort and in style.

Mixing Bowls

The mixing bowl is the crucible and the chalice of the accomplished baker. Whatever you call it, it's essential. Getting the right sized mixing bowl with a nice edge really adds to the baking experience. There’s that clean feeling when you scrape the side with your wooden spoon or spatula – and the way the dough neatly squats down in the bottom. Put some wax paper over top and stow your raw materials in the fridge for your next baking session. Check out this shallow-build set from Culinary Essentials or others that can enhance everyday baking well.


Today, our bakers have a lot of options when it comes to mixing equipment. Instead of yesterday's boxy little small-engine mixers with their rudimentary controls, you have big, modern machines that can be custom-made to blend and process and “de-clumpify” your dough in any way that you need done. These are workhorse appliances, with the ability to speed up and improve the way that you work with dough.

Measuring Cups

Ever hear that old expression – for want of a nail, the shoe was lost? That's how it is with measuring cups. To say that measuring cups are integral to the baking process really doesn't capture how important it is to have these little helpers at your side – a full set, in good condition, where you can find them. That's because baking is a precision game. When ingredients are off by even a little bit, you get differences in texture, flavor and stick-togetherness that can really impact your final product. Take a look at these neat measuring cups with clear volume and fill designations and convenient fasteners, to get just the right pile of sugar, flour, or salt, and get these guys in and out of the dishwasher between uses.


High-quality baking spatulas move your creations around when you need to take them from one place to another, or inspect the edges as they go through the baking process. Brightly colored spatulas can also jazz up your baking experience, and new models are made for low flammability and safer operation with modern materials.

Cookie Sheets and Baking Trays

Here's another major tool in the baker's pantry. High-quality cookie sheets and baking trays are the vehicles that your baked goods sit on as they heat up in the oven. So it's best not to skimp on these items, and these high-quality designs are excellent for gifting to your favorite baker. Take a look at resources we recently wrote about how to care for these items in the kitchen.

Silicone Baking Mats

While cookie trays are the traditional way to bake your favorite style of sand tart or snickerdoodle (or just good old chocolate chip or oatmeal) – silicone baking mats are a newer invention. These flexible mats can leave you with less mess in the kitchen, because of their non-stick silicone surfaces. Again, we’ve written a detailed guide you can reference about caring for these essential baking items over time, and so you can give your baker a set along with free instructions that will help them to keep this gift in good shape for years to come.

Oven Thermometer

Yes, we know you can just use what's attached to your oven. But detail-oriented bakers want to know exactly what temperature things are throughout the process. A small portable oven thermometer is a great way to do that. It’s a failsafe for a baker who really believes in precision temperatures in addition to getting ingredient ratios just right.


The whisk is the taskhorse’s favorite tool. Using these requires a little elbow grease, so if you have a baker who likes to do things the traditional way and exercise the muscles, a good whisk can be a great gift! Just make sure it’s dishwasher-safe, or comes with the right instructions for use.

Madeleine Trays and Baking Molds

Last but not least, consider a delightful madeleine tray to combine your loved one’s baking prowess with a history of culinary culture and spirituality. Madeleine's not just a pretty sounding name. These little pastries have a big role in European history. Read more about the meaning of the Madeleine here, and think about ordering these trays or any kind of decorative mold for baked goods. There’s more to the baker’s toolkit, but these are some of the essentials that our customers are looking for when they want to invest in quality tools for the kitchen.

At Chefs’ Toys, we know baking! Our people have real restaurant and kitchen experience, next to the oven, behind the range, and in real-world cooking situations. We are “for chefs, by chefs,” and that makes a difference!