Thanksgiving Prep Shopping List

What's on your Thanksgiving shopping list? When it comes to your list of things needed for Thanksgiving dinner, there are some common items that you’re going to want for a Thanksgiving dinner that deserves a chef’s kiss. So when you look at your Thanksgiving food checklist and your list of necessary cooking equipment for Thanksgiving, having these items on hand early could really help you on turkey day!

Your Thanksgiving Shopping List
From roasting the turkey to baking desserts, here are must-have toys you'll want to pick up for your Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey Kitchen Tools

On the flavor side, you might want some fresh herbs, butter, lemon wedges, and other garnishes to finish your turkey. Whether you prefer stuffing inside your turkey or in a separate pan, you can’t forget it! The stuffing is the talk of the town.

Additional Equipment For Thanksgiving

Cocktail & Bar Utensils

Stuff For Thanksgiving Desserts

Baking Basics
When it comes to whipping up those culinary delights that you'll be having for dessert, hand tools such as whisks and whips are a must to whip your foods into just the right textures.
  • Baking Pans: You’ll need a sufficient number of dishes and bakery pans for those casserole-type sides, like green bean & sweet potatoes.
  • Sheet Pans: From sheet pans and baking molds to cake pans and tart molds, we’ve got what you need to create those decadent desserts for your Thanksgiving feast.
  • Baking Mats: These reusable baking mats offer non-stick, non-greasy, flexible silicone to bake with ease.
  • Flour Sifter: Create that light and fluffy texture that your guests can’t say no to with these flour sieves and sifters.

As well as the tools above, many home chefs will want to have sugar and heavy cream on hand to top pies and make other mouthwatering desserts. Then, you have your pumpkin and apple ingredients, either right off the vine/tree or canned, or otherwise preserved. Check out our recipe on how to make pumpkin pie spice.

Your Thanksgiving Food Checklist: Thanksgiving Essentials For Side Dishes
Other than stuffing, some traditional Thanksgiving sides you might want to include are casseroles, baked corn, carrots, squash, and mashed potatoes. In addition, think about picking up bulk vegetables for your sides early, and make sure you have enough bread and flour for stuffing, as well as cranberries for the sauce. If you want to add bacon or ham to the green beans, you’ll need that as well, but maybe not in quantity great enough to upstage your Thanksgiving centerpiece (the turkey). With this handy Thanksgiving shopping list, you'll be prepared for everything that happens during one of our favorite holiday seasons. Take a look at Chefs’ Toys for everything you need for getting ready for the big day.