Chefs' Toys Extended Product Warranty Offerings

We stand behind our products and especially our customers. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your equipment is protected. One of the many great things about ordering from Chefs’ Toys is our partnership with Mulberry for best-in-class protection plans that make a big difference in how you equip your kitchen. These extended warranty services and protection plans are an excellent resource for buyers who want to make sure that they get their money's worth out of all of the gear and supplies that they purchase for a busy kitchen. You’re invested in the range & oven equipment, stations, and supplies that help you to bring delicious tastes to diners. You should have the true assurance that your purchases will work well for you in the months and years to come.

  • What is the Mulberry Protection Plan?
    By partnering with Mulberry, we are offering long-term warranties for products beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty plan, and with a greater scope and different repair or replacement processes that are easier to navigate. Mulberry is Better Business Bureau accredited, and based on a philosophy of using the best new technology along with a process that’s set up to reward customers who put a little extra into maintaining what they buy over time.
  • How Does a Mulberry Plan Differ From a Standard Limited Warranty?
    One way that the Mulberry Protection Plan differs from your average limited warranty is that it extends for a longer period of time after the warranty has expired. But that's not all. Mulberry’s plan also covers more types of mechanical and electrical issues, offers free repairs for many types of breakdowns, and provides a quick and effective restoration process when something goes wrong.
  • What's Covered?
    The Mulberry Protection Plan specifically covers damage from power surges and local or grid electrical problems, and repairs of mechanical & electrical breakdowns. It offers fast replacements with free shipping, no fees, and an automated process that skips some of the obstacles that occur with your traditional warranty claim. For example, if you have a reach-in refrigerator or merchandise cooler that you purchase from Chefs’ Toys (with a Mulberry Protection Plan) and you experience different types of mechanical and electrical problems such as malfunctions of electrical components, you’ll be able to get back on track quickly with fair coverage of your equipment. The Mulberry Protection Plan extends your equipment’s current manufacturer warranty.
  • Benefits of the Mulberry Protection Plan As we mentioned, the following benefits apply:
    • Protection against out-of-control situations
    • A fast, receipt-less claims process
    • No deductibles or hidden fees
    • Hassle-free repair or replacement process
    • Transferable, long-term coverage with no hidden contingencies

Instead of trying to make claims to an office that wants to avoid replacement costs and wrestle with a legacy extended warranty system, you'll be getting excellent support and specific coverage for your kitchen’s long-term operations.

  • What do users say about Mulberry Protection Plan?
    • Great customer service - promptness to my email was outstanding. Thanks for everything. -Carlos J
    • Extraordinary customer service every step of the way.. I am grateful for the follow ups done to be sure I had a good experience from beginning to end. I love your company and the dedication of the customer service team. thank you and thank you again...Especially helpful in a difficult situation. I appreciate the immediate feedback and help. -Jeff M
    • Kitty was very professional and understanding about the problem I was having about transferring the warranty to the correct person who actually paid for it. Thanks again Kitty. -Charmaine D
Filing a claim is as easy as sending an email. You'll get a welcome email and a personalized dashboard where you can view your plans, file claims, and get updates on the claims process. Try our protection plans!