Buying a Rotisserie Oven? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying a Rotisserie Oven? Here’s What You Need to Know

A rotisserie oven attracts and tempts diners by putting food on display. The sight of whole chickens, ribs, roasts, pork, or duck slowly rotating behind glass triggers the appetite. If your establishment’s decor doesn’t lend itself to an on-display rotisserie cooker, locate it in the back-of-house. Finding the best rotisserie oven for your kitchen is easy if you know a little about rotisserie machines. 

What is a Rotisserie Oven?

A rotisserie machine is a specialized oven that uses one or more rotating spits. Meat cooked in a rotisserie self-bastes in its drippings for a caramelized exterior. Rotisserie ovens are often used for cooking poultry and meat but can also cook fish, vegetables, and pastries.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Rotisserie Machines

Rotisserie spits come in horizontal and vertical styles. Of the two, horizontal rotisserie ovens are the most common. As the horizontal spit rotates, heat seals juices within the meat, with any drippings slowly basting the meat’s surface. 

A vertical rotisserie machine, in contrast, is the best rotisserie oven for health-conscious cooking. The vertical orientation of the spits drains fats and grease from the meat. 

Continuous vs. Batch Rotisserie Ovens

How you choose to prepare food influences your choice of a rotisserie cooker. A batch rotisserie cooks a large amount of food at once. The oven spits are attached to a revolving drum to ensure even cooking

A continuous rotisserie — the kind of rotisserie oven most often seen front-of-house or in grocery stores — has heating elements behind each spit. The temperature of each element adjusts independently, allowing you to cook different meats at once and swap out foods as they finish cooking. 

Size Considerations

Rotisserie machines range in size from compact countertop ovens to large floor models. The depth of a rotisserie oven is typically only 18 to 25 inches, with widths varying from 40 to 90 inches. A countertop rotisserie averages 37 inches tall, but a large floor model may be over six feet tall. 

In addition to the space needed for the rotisserie oven, you’ll need space to load and unload spits and a holding cabinet for cooked products. Remember, a rotisserie machine with five-foot spits requires two people to load and unload your finished product, while a single employee can handle three-foot spits. 


Rotisserie oven manufacturers typically rate unit capacity by the number of chickens the oven can cook. A countertop oven typically has an eight-chicken capacity, while large floor rotisseries can cook twenty to eighty chickens. 

To calculate the production capacity of your rotisserie oven, determine your sales volume and add 15 percent capacity for potential volume growth.

One Rotisserie or Two?

In some circumstances, two or more rotisserie ovens are better than a single-floor model. If your sales volume fluctuates during the day, having the option of turning off a rotisserie reduces your energy use. Multiple rotisseries also make the sale of multiple rotisserie products possible.

Rotisserie Features

Rotisserie ovens offer a wide range of features to make presentation and cooking easier. Common features of rotisserie machines include the following: 

  • Baskets to cook vegetables, fish, and pastries
  • Coated, angled, or piercing spits
  • Curved glass doors to improve customer views
  • Double-pane glass that is cooler on the outside
  • Electronic LED displays
  • HACCP data collection
  • Interior illumination for easy viewing
  • Mirrored glass door coating to reflect heat
  • Pass-through doors on the rear for easy loading
  • Single doors with glass windows, double hinged glass windows, or sliding fronts
  • Timers
  • Warming cabinets

Reasons to Choose Rotisserie Ovens

  • Rotisserie ovens heat up faster than traditional ovens
  • Easy to use
  • Tastier and tender food
  • Healthy alternative to roasting in a traditional oven
  • Visually appealing

Where Can I Buy a Rotisserie Oven?

Find the best rotisserie oven for your business at Chefs’ Toys. We offer a wide selection of countertop and floor-model rotisseries. If you need assistance choosing your rotisserie cooker, contact us, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.