Perfect Stocking-Stuffers For Chefs

Perfect Stocking-Stuffers For Chefs

It's a busy season. Maybe you are looking for Christmas stocking stuffers for cooks in your family, or someone else in your life. We have what you need to impress with holiday gifts that the recipient will actually love! Here are some of the best stocking stuffers for foodies, and small Christmas gifts for anyone on your list.

Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone Mats

These roll-up mats are really very handy for all sorts of baking and oven operations. Prior to new inventions like these, cooks were often left scouring metal cookie trays or baking sheets as a dirty, thankless job! By creating that non-stick barrier between the food and the tray, silicone baking mats save your favorite chef a lot of time and effort. Check out our guide on these items and how to care for them over time, and get modern baking mats for your chef’s stocking.

Mercer Stain-Resistant Paring Knife

Every chef needs a paring knife! This 4-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade is coated with a non-stick surface. This paring knife works great for peeling or other small intricate tasks. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for chefs - and they'll probably use it consistently!

Knife Guards and Covers

If you're getting that paring knife, or any other knife, protect it with a knife blade cover and guard! Knife blade covers and guards prolong the longevity of a chef's knife. Go the extra mile to show the chef you care about them and their knives.

Cookie Scoop

Cookie Scoops

This little beauty automates the joy of parceling out that cookie dough into neat circles that will rise appropriately in your oven. Or you can eat the cookie dough raw, as long as it doesn't have eggs in it. Anyway, for conventional cookies that fit the bill, check out our collection of scoops to put under the tree.

Herb Shears

This stuffing stocker is extremely handy for chefs. Herb shears are specifically designed to accurately cut herbs by easily stripping leaves from tough stems or fresh herbs. These Zyliss Herb Shears are the perfect prep tool for mincing and cutting herbs with precision stainless-steel blades.

Mini Whisk Keychain

Here's a little something that your favorite cook can take everywhere. As a top stocking stuffer for cooks, this 3-inch-long stainless steel whisk is a great way to give a keychain a little more heft, and prevent its misplacement.

Chefs’ Toys White Dough Scraper/Spatula

Chefs’ Toys White Dough Scraper

Who needs a handle on a spatula, anyway? One of the great things about this simple white scraper/spatula is that it's branded, so your chef can show the world how much they love our products. It's also compact and portable, and in addition, you have to admit, the price is right on this item. At two dollars a piece, these can be anyone's stocking stuffer!

Bamboo Salt Box

Store your spices and herbs in style with a bamboo salt box! The Totally Bamboo Round Salt Box features a swivel lid with magnetic closure to protect your herbs and spices from contamination. This stocking stuffer is a must-have in the kitchen!

Spoon Rest

Here's a great stocking stuffer for grillers or bakers, or anyone who's moving food around with a serving spoon. Sitting these food-laden utensils on a random surface is kind of gross. Spoon rests are another small item that can make a big splash at Christmas time.

Electric Milk Frother

Zyliss E990027U Electric Milk Frother

For all sorts of specialty drinks like cappuccinos, lattes and frosty shakes, this battery-powered hand tool is a foodie’s dream. We've chosen to carry this model because of its durability and portable build, and because we think it's one of the more practical electric milk frothers to have on hand any time of year.

Houdini Rabbit Wine Sealer

Taylor W6115 Houdini Rabbit Wine Champagne Sealer

With an airtight seal and beautiful black velvet finish, this drink sealer is simply elegant. Yes, it's small, but as a top stocking stuffer for wine lovers everywhere, it is both impressive and practical. Of course, there are wine sealers with all kinds of strange and funny ceramic figurines or patterns on top, but this clean design really speaks to the modernist ethos that many professional chefs prefer, and this little extra won't look out of place in a commercial kitchen.

Pizza Cutter

Maybe your chef likes to make a natural rustic pie with prosciutto, or a New York deep dish with mushrooms, or a thin crust delicacy topped with shrimp and feta cheese. Of course, the possibilities are endless, and you can help - with one of our excellent pizza cutter designs for ergonomic and clean cutting.

Mini Turner

Dexter Mini Turners

Here's another small stocking stuffer that is useful for pizzas and all kinds of baked goods, too. Help your cook to twist and turn baked goods with ease.

Gift Card

Want something else that fits in a stocking? Get your food aficionado a gift card to Chefs’ Toys, and they can pick out exactly what they want from an amazing catalog that delivers to home cooks and professional chefs alike. Our direct restaurant experience informs what we offer for kitchens anywhere. Happy shopping – and Merry Christmas!