Commercial Dishwasher Buying Guide

Commercial Dishwasher Buying Guide

When you're considering buying a commercial dishwasher, you are preparing to make a big investment. It's not something that professional chefs are only going to use occasionally.

Chefs and kitchen managers evaluating commercial dishwashers are making a long-term strategic decision that will impact how the kitchen works every day. In so many ways, a commercial dishwasher is the heart of the kitchen setup - everything that goes on in the kitchen depends on it. If you don't have one, or if yours isn’t getting dishes, glasses and flatware sparkling clean and sanitary, everything else breaks down.

With that in mind, let's look at some of the best options for commercial dishwashers in various kinds of restaurants and food service businesses. Getting the right model is important, because having the model best suited to the particular kitchen environment will offer the effective service that you need without taking up too much space or using excessive water or power.

Conveyor Commercial Dishwashers

The conveyor style dishwasher is often a massive, cumbersome beast, but it's ideal for larger kitchens. Chefs who have to serve dozens or hundreds of people with every table service want a reliable dishwasher in the kitchen!

The conveyor dishwasher is built for both volume and speed. Its size and special features are meant to ensure that kitchen workers can pack it up, run it, and then pack it again, all day, every day. Most conveyor dishwashers take the standard rack and utilize high-temperature washing, which is compatible with many different types of cleaners.

For reference, our Jackson top-of-the-line conveyor model is a high-temperature washer that can wash 248 racks per hour using about .94 gallons of water per rack. It features an adjustable conveyor speed, single tank design, a recirculating prewash cycle, and a booster heater technology to dry dishes quickly.

The beauty of a conveyor dishwasher, in terms of workflows and ergonomics, is that workers can stack up racks and then put them on the line for sequential washing. Instead of filling the machine for each cycle, those who are moving dishes through the cycle can allow these racks to remain on the line until they are done, for a “first in, first out” efficient cycle. There’s no waiting around for a full load, as may be necessary with other types of models.

Door Style Commercial Dishwashers

Door Style Dishwasher

Door Style Dishwasher

Door style commercial dishwashers can have one or two racks. These dishwashers take up less space than a conveyor model in general, and offer solutions for quick cleaning for a restaurant or café that's doing a brisk business. Our Jackson Dynatemp door-style commercial dishwasher model uses .69 gallons per rack, with an 88-second cycle. That means a set of discarded dishes can be out of the bus pan, into the dishwasher, and back in circulation in only minutes.

For businesses that need efficient cleaning without investing in a large conveyor model, one of the door-style models with a larger capacity can do the trick nicely.

Undercounter Commercial Dishwashers

Undercounter Dishwashers

Undercounter Dishwashers

The undercounter commercial dishwasher is made to save space and still operate at high capacity.

They might look like residential dishwashers, but don't confuse the undercounter commercial dishwasher with what you might see in someone's home. There is power packed into these undercounter models to help a restaurant or food service operation maintain high-speed service.

The Hobart LXEH-2 washes 32 racks per hour, using .74 gallons per cycle, with an excellent Energy Star rating reflecting the efficiency of this model. It also has a booster heater built in.

Any of these commercial dishwasher options can be an effective choice to support a thriving restaurant business. Also consider the level of noise that the dishwasher makes, since this machine will be running in the kitchen routinely. Energy and water use are also important.

Commercial Glass Washers

Glass Washers
Glass Washer Machines

Other kinds of specialized commercial dishwashers are meant to only handle glass. This makes sense for a busy bar where almost all of the dishes are glassware. These machines are quite different – many of them are small and prebuilt with specifications for washing a single glass.

It's important to look at high-temperature and low-temperature washers, because different models use different temperatures to sanitize dishes.

At Chefs’ Toys, we have practical experience to help you find the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen. Our people know what it's like to work in fast-paced kitchens – they are chefs and professionals who have done their time in the culinary world and can advise you from a place of expertise.