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Free Delivery on most orders $59 & up | Based on 20149

Commercial Gas Ranges & Stoves

Many professional chefs like to work with modern gas stove range models. A commercial gas stove or gas range provides quick heat and precision for a variety of cuisines. We have different shapes and sizes of commercial gas and electric ranges for professional commercial use, with the features and functionality that your kitchen staff needs to turn out excellent results in a restaurant kitchen.

Many of these commercial gas ranges are larger in design which allows for higher volume out of the kitchen. Where a residential gas range might have four burners, most commercial models have either 6 or 10 burners along with griddle space.

Specific kinds of commercial gas ranges are helpful in streamlining table service and equipping a food service staff. A commercial propane stove, (or cuisine-specific choices like wok ranges) may fit better into a kitchen layout than a different type of commercial range. A heavy duty gas range made for restaurant use will support key recipes chefs are trying to do, like barbeque for dozens of plates at a time, or flash cooking portioned entrees.

Access Design for Commercial Gas Ranges

It's important that staff be able to access gas stove ranges for restaurants in the right way. Many of these commercial models, including countertop ranges, offer convenient ways to clean out grease traps, backsplashes and other parts of the equipment that get heavy use and can accumulate grease.

Use a commercial griddle on a restaurant gas stove or range to cook individual orders to perfection. Check out stainless steel models offering output up to 95,000 BTUs for high-volume uset. Chefs' Toys has everything that you need for a commercial kitchen.