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Commercial Gas Deep Floor Fryers

Commercial gas fryers come in natural gas and LP (liquid propane) gas options as well as products geared for high elevation cooking. Chefs' Toys has been providing gas fryers since 1988, backing them as essential kitchen tools behind great appetizers and fried entries. If you need help selecting your gas deep frying equipment, let one of our chefs or foodservice professionals assist you. We are glad to help.


Commercial Gas Deep Fryers

Restaurants use several main types of commercial gas fryers and propane deep fryer models to present different kinds of modern cuisine. Chefs' Toys offers the high-performance and adaptive commercial gas deep fryer models that can power today's professional kitchen. Take a look at our catalog of commercial gas deep fryers with various features and controls, fuel sources and design for kitchen layout.

Tube-Type and Open Pot Gas and Propane Deep Fryer Options

Restaurants may choose different types of commercial deep fryers according to what they are cooking.

Many gas fryers are used for certain kinds of modern food items that are considered sides, appetizers or fast food snacks. A tube-type commercial gas or propane deep fryer is often used for breaded items like mozzarella sticks or chicken tenders. An open pot fryer may be better for traditional French fries.

We have both for easy purchase, to supply commercial food service businesses to operate well and serve many happy diners. Choose from floorstanding and countertop deep fryers to serve up the goods, as well as a range of fryer parts and accessories.

Gas Commercial Fryers

We also have a range of fuel-sourced fryers, including those running on natural gas and others running on liquid propane. In addition, we have electric fryers, and high elevation fryers that consider the altitude of the kitchen. Deep frying works differently at various altitudes, so restaurants situated in high places may want these specialized models.

For everything that your restaurant needs, turn to Chefs' Toys. We are "for chefs, by chefs" and we think that makes a difference in supplying a modern kitchen with everything it needs to achieve excellent table service!