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Free Delivery on most orders $59 & up | Based on 20149

Merchandising Refrigerators

Glass door merchandiser refrigerator models are an excellent way to equip a foodservice area. Businesses use these refrigerators to display all of the great products available, while keeping everything safely cooled at HACCP-approved temperatures.

Many businesses use a merchandiser refrigerator for ready-to-go foods and grab-and-go shopping, but these appliances can also be useful for storing produce and other perishables. When it comes to buying merchandiser refrigerators, the size and shape of the model is important. The refrigerator model will have to fit into the existing sale space and match what's around it. It's also helpful to assess the width and height of interior shelves, and the quality of access for shoppers.

Merchandiser Refrigerators From Chefs' Toys
Ever since the late 1980s, Chefs' Toys has been selling food service heating and cooling equipment like merchandiser refrigerators to restaurants and other businesses. The experienced pros at Chef's Toys with installation and everything else related to this type of valuable gear. Because we are former chefs and foodservice professionals, we have actually used this equipment in the past, so we know what's important when you're setting it up.

Best Merchandiser Refrigerator Designs
The former chefs and foodservice professionals on our team choose each merchandiser refrigerator model with an eye toward reducing energy waste, displaying items well, and other key logistics. For example, having clean, easy-to-reach shelves free of obstacles helps to make purchasing easier. Door quality makes a difference too, not just for access, but for temperature maintenance as well. Good interior lighting helps to present merchandise, and helps the shopper to read things like small brand labels or nutritional information data, or expiration dates. Buyers in the foodservice industry may also want lighted top or side panels for adding signage, to customize one of these appliances for a sale space.

These glass door merchandiser refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes, door styles, and color. Choose a model that is right for you from the selection below. Call (714) 665-CHEF (2433) to get the right kinds of gear and equipment that you need in-house.