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Free Delivery on most orders $59 & up | Based on 20149

Pizza Supplies

Whether you're in need of pizza peels, pizza wheel cutters, or pizza racks, we have you covered! Shop our huge selection of Pizza Supplies or let one of our foodservice professionals know if you need something more specific.
Pizza Supplies
When purchasing pizza supplies and pizza equipment, it makes sense to buy from a vendor that knows the ins and outs of making a good pizza pie. Check out all of the resources and guidance that we have available for pizza chefs on our comprehensive commercial restaurant equipment website, based on our real experiences in the kitchen!

Pizza Supplies: Boxes and Delivery Bags
We sell a variety of cardboard pizza boxes and delivery bags. Look for delivery bags with quality insulation, to keep pizzas warm while they are en route to their destination. Again, having the right gear helps with the logistics of delivery in some pretty powerful ways. Ask us about the best equipment for handling a pizza all of the way from dough to doorstep.

Pizza Cutters
Any experienced pizza thrower (or cutter) can tell you that one pizza cutting tool is not exactly like another. Skip the bells and whistles and get pizza cutters that are made for commercial restaurant operations and work well under pressure, and look for cutters with easy-grip handles made of high-quality materials for durability.

Pizza Peels
Here there's quite a debate over whether to go with wood or metal. We have both, with high-quality wooden pizza peels that traditional pizza chefs use to slide pies into and out of the oven. You'll see the majority of your high-volume kitchens going with a sturdy wood peel, and we have various sizes and lengths available to fit your work space.

Pizza Screens
Another key tool is the pizza screens that allow air to circulate under the crust. We have all necessary sizes and types of pizza screens and pans for your commercial kitchen.

Take advantage of all of this and a lot more from Chefs' Toys, where our knowledgeable people know how to equip a modern restaurant for success. We are "for chefs, by chefs" and have your best interests in mind. Turn to us with help stocking your restaurant kitchen.