Restaurant Shelving Buying Guide

Restaurant Shelving Buying Guide

Need a few pointers on selecting shelving?

  1. Know your measurements before you start.
    How wide is the area for which you need shelving? How high do you need the shelving system to stand? How deep do you need the shelves to be? Do you need casters? If adding casters, this will add a minimum of 5" to the height of your shelving system.
  2. Where is the shelving going?
    1. If in a walk-in cooler or other wet storage, epoxy coating is a must.
    2. If for dry storage, chrome will fit your needs.
  3. Calculating the number of shelves. Once you know the dimensions of the shelves and posts you need, you must calculate how many shelves are going to fit your system. Divide the post height by the number of shelves (remember, your bottom shelf must stand a minimum of 5" off the floor per health department regulations). This will give you the space (in inches) between each shelf.

Pointers on Assembly

Tools Needed:

Rubber Mallet, Shelf Clips (pack of 4 included with each shelf purchased), Rubber Leveling Feet (included with each post purchased) or Casters (sold separately)
  1. Screw the leveling foot or casters into the bottom of each post.
  2. Snap shelf clips onto the posts where you want the bottom shelf to be located. Count the notches on each post to ensure clips are level.
  3. Turn the bottom shelf on its side and insert the posts through the corners. Flip the shelving unit upright and tap the corners with a rubber mallet to ensure a snug fit.
  4. If you have multiple shelves to add, add another set of shelf clips where you want your next shelf to be. Lower the shelf onto the clips, secure with a rubber mallet and repeat until completed.

*To remove shelves, reverse the steps. Using a rubber mallet, tap the corners on the underside of the shelf to release the pressure from the shelf clips. Lift off shelf and remove the shelf clips.

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