How to Stock a Home Bar Cart

How to Stock a Home Bar Cart


What do you put on a home bar cart? When it comes to figuring out how to stock a bar cart, let us provide some of the best suggestions on cocktail tools and the process of stocking a home bar cart for a big dinner party or other event.

We have the available tools and resources to help you gear up to become your own expert bartender in your home or anywhere else! Here’s some of what you’re going to want to source as you put together your excellent home bar.

Home Bar Cart Essentials – The Shaker and Mixer

One of the best things to invest in for a home bar cart is some type of attractive cocktail shaker. This is how the pros wow the crowds, throwing around these stainless steel or metal alloy containers. Yes, you can use a mason jar, but a professional-style shaker gives you the panache of an experienced and seasoned bartender behind the counter. You may also go for mixing glasses, or select a set of “muddlers” that act as a kind of stirring device for drinks.

Jiggers and Measurement Tools
Again, you can use baking measuring cups or something else you find in your kitchen if you want to be quaint and earthy, but professional style jiggers look great and help you to provide the right mix for drink strength. Take a look at available options to create the stylish home bar cart kit that you want.

Strainers and Bar Spoons

When you’re trying to figure out what to stock a bar cart with, think about what happens when you introduce thicker ingredients like citrus fruits to a drink. You may wind up with textures that you want to remove from the glass. The only easy way to do this is with a strainer.

You don’t need a huge colander, the kind that a child might put on his or her head as a hat. What you need is one of those small, agile straining tools that bartenders use. This, again, gives you the professional appeal you want for stocking a home bar cart in a way that looks professional and impressive.

Condiment Trays
Lots of experienced home bartenders would suggest that you want a condiment tray like the pros have in your local tavern. Get one of these multi-compartment containers that  sits and fits well on your bar. Then you can stock it with all of those excellent garnishes like olives, fruit, and various types of herbs, so that you’re ready to go when your guests order a mojito or something exotic like that.

Beyond these essentials, it depends how far you want to go with a home bartender routine. You might want specialized tools like a melon baller, or not, based on ingredients available to you and your comfort zone with creating cocktails. For more, look at all of the tools we offer at Chefs’ Toys, where our people have real experience, both behind the bar, and at the commercial restaurant kitchen range. We are for chefs, by chefs, and our skilled people have done the work, so they know how to outfit a bar accordingly. Get the help you need to make your home bar everything it can be!