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Free Delivery on most orders $59 & up | Based on 20149
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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment is the key to Chefs' Toys' enduring success. Whether you're furnishing your commercial venture from scratch, remodeling your kitchen, or shifting strategies to accommodate an evolving menu, the secret to lasting productivity is heavy-duty restaurant equipment.

Minimizing maintenance and selecting equipment geared toward your menu offerings will increase your kitchen productivity and boost your bottom line. Take the hassle out of the kitchen with our top-of-the-line units. From heavy hitters like reach-in refrigerators to specialty equipment like chip warmers, you can find the perfect fit for your operation at Chefs' Toys.

The Chefs' Toys Difference
For over 25 years, foodservice professionals have counted on Chefs' Toys for the best restaurant equipment and commercial appliances for their professional kitchens. Each member of the Chefs' Toys team brings their valuable industry experience with them, collaborating with us to select the most reliable commercial kitchen equipment available today.

All freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, and other equipment we sell have been purchased and utilized by our chefs-turned-sales members. Our for chefs, by chefs mentality informs our business and allows us to deliver top-notch customer service for all restaurateurs seeking the most efficient setup in their commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Equipment Options
Chefs trust the brands and products available at Chefs' Toys. While we stock every major type of kitchen appliance, piece of equipment, and tool you need to meet demand, we thoroughly vet our products to ensure you choose between the absolute best in the business. From broilers to juicers, expect nothing less than quality, consistency, and versatility.

Not sure where to start when it comes to restaurant supplies? Our chefs or foodservice professionals are standing by to help. Call us today at (714) 665-CHEF (2433). We can't wait to assist you!