Gifts for Breakfast Bosses and Brunch Fanatics

Gifts for Breakfast Bosses and Brunch Fanatics

Do you have someone in your family who gets up rarin’ to go in the morning? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to step behind the stove? Or maybe you have a brunch fan who likes to sleep way in, and then aim for a leisurely morning of cooking – a mimosa maniac, a quiche fiend – in short, a connoisseur of the late breakfast. It's cute to see grandma or grandpa or your father-in-law or aunt or cousin put on an apron and get to work on another well-crafted breakfast table, and the results are likely to be pretty tasty! With that in mind, here are some things you can get them to help out. These breakfast and brunch gifts for people who like to cook are excellent ways to equip the modern home chef for everything that goes into the breakfast plate. Having the right equipment can make the breakfast job a lot faster, much easier and much less messy.


Yes, you can use one of these wonderful innovative machines to squeeze out a fresh glass of orange juice for the traditional breakfast fan. However, juicers can also be used to create the kinds of healthy smoothies and libations that doctors recommend to benefit from better nutritional health. As part of a whole foods breakfast, the juicer can be an indispensable companion. How do you work the leafy greens and root plants that deliver good health into a breakfast? The beet omelet and the spinach bacon are rarely spied denizens of the breakfast plate – but juicing these superfoods into a glass works well, so that you really do get a well-balanced breakfast!

Coffee Grinders (and Other Java Helpers)

Many a breakfast boss knows the power of freshly ground beans. Mmmm! Maybe on a busy work morning, you're going to pour ground beans, bleary-eyed, into your percolator, but during a long morning brunch, you can unlock the unique savory aromas of whole beans to go with whatever you’re cooking. Is your breakfast chef a fan of the range brewer, the overpour, the Keurig? Let them know you care – about their coffee.

Egg Poachers

For that perfectly poached “oeuf” or local farm egg, think about gifting a top-class egg poacher. Another topic gift is an omelet pan for making your creations perfectly square.

Griddles and Sizzling Surfaces

Is your breakfast boss into pancakes, bacon, eggs and anything else that goes on a flat griddle? There are an astounding variety of standalone griddles available, as well as neat cast-iron flat pans that can go right on the range. It's really up to your chef’s preference: what they like to use, how they like to store gear between breakfast sessions, and whether they feel more at home with their own range, or over a counter-standing griddle. For example, the independent countertop griddles still need to be cleaned, which can be difficult while working around the electrical controls and other parts of the equipment. On the other hand, a wide griddle is like an open palette for the breakfast chef!

Waffle Makers

Yes, the waffle maker is a perennial favorite. You pour in your chosen batter, and then grace the top of your freshly baked waffle with all kinds of delicacies, from whipped buttercream to organic local berries or high-end almond or cashew butter, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Pancake Batter Dispensers

Pancake batter dispensers regulate the “pour” when you’ve made that perfect batter, and you want to get a nice, round pancake. If your breakfast chef likes to make pancakes in a big way, he or she might prefer to have one of these machines available. On the other hand, a fair number like to just pour batter from a bowl onto a pan or griddle and get things going that way.

Tongs (and other Utensils)

Trying to pick bacon out of a hot pan can give even the deftest breakfast chef a couple of painful burns. Give a set of tongs to help your favorite home cook get items to the plate safely. A nice spatula set wouldn’t hurt, either! These are some of our favorite brunch gifts, things that we have learned the value of as we work in the trenches in professional kitchen environments. At Chefs’ Toys, our people have actual kitchen experience, as caterers, on restaurant crews, and in fast-paced food service environments. We are “for chefs, by chefs,” and it shows! Get everything that you need to turn out excellent fare any hour of the day.