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Free Delivery on most orders $59 & up | Based on 20149

Commercial Reach-In Refrigerators

Commercial reach-in refrigerators are essential in any professional kitchen. Restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, and school or university foodservice operations can't properly function without dependable refrigeration to keep food safely stored and easily accessible.

These upright, floor model units are ideal for back-of-the-house use, when keeping ingredients and ready-to-eat meals cooled is imperative. Conveniently organize your food products in commercial reach-in refrigerators with multiple compartments with individual temperature control.

Our selection of reach-in refrigerators allows your business to comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code that mandates food products be stored at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

The Chefs' Toys Difference
Since 1988 we have been selling, shipping, and installing commercial refrigeration equipment. Our sales team consists of former chefs and restaurateurs who handpick the items we sell online and in our storefront.

You can rest assured that each reach-in refrigerator we recommend has been owned and used by our trusted sales members. Chefs' Toys is the only online restaurant supplier that boasts a curated collection of refrigeration options for chefs, by chefs.

Reach-In Refrigerator Options
Choose from a variety of reach-in cooler options: you can differentiate what model works best for your kitchen by door type, condenser mounting location, storage capacity, and the number of compartments. Allow for optimal display with glass door refrigerators or improve employee accessibility with pass through refrigerators. No matter what style you need, find the brands that chefs trust at Chefs' Toys.

Not sure which reach-in refrigerator will boost your operation's productivity? Our chefs and sales members are standing by to answer your questions. Call us today at (714) 665-CHEF (2433). We can't wait to help!