What Sets Chefs’ Toys apart?

What sets Chefs’ Toys apart?

How do you decide on where you get gas or bank? Convenience. Maybe a designated credit card. Customer service. We have all sorts of criteria to choose from, but the reasons that matter are the ones most important to you. Deciding to shop at Chefs’ Toys comes down to two reasons: a homegrown story and functionality.

Before Chefs’ Toys, there was Accusharp Sharpening Services. And before that, it was about a chef who needed a solution to a problem. Steve Dickler was that chef. While working in a resort kitchen, Dickler couldn’t locate a knife sharpening service. He decided to do the job himself. It became a mobile business, and he also started selling knives and other culinary tools out of his truck. Eventually, he left the resort to grow his company.

As demand for goods and services increased, Dickler decided to open a modest storefront. He then met and began collaborating with Mike Krepistman. Krepistman specialized in dining rooms (i.e. linens, silverware, furniture, etc.). It was the perfect complement to Dickler’s kitchen expertise. The additional inventory from Krepistman resulted in the acquisition of Chefs’ Toy’s flagship location in Fountain Valley.

Now that you’re more familiar with how Chefs’ Toys came to be, let’s discuss the stores themselves. From a visual standpoint, you won’t see fancy displays or lots of brand advertising. When people go to Chefs’ Toys, they usually have something in mind that they are there for already. You don’t need the extra eye candy; you want savings. By having an industrial, no-frills atmosphere, the money saved on elaborate design is passed along to you.

In addition, most Chefs’ Toys locations are freeway accessible and within close proximity to a Restaurant Depot or warehouse club. Coincidence? We don’t believe in that. Every store serves a purpose: to fulfill your kitchen/dining checklist. Now if you can also purchase your perishable items down the street, everybody wins. As one restaurateur pointed out, it’s even an unexpected place to run into industry people. When your only interaction with chefs is at their workplace, this non-work environment can result in chance meetings and networking that isn’t forced.

Value-added services like professional equipment installation, and premium white glove service in addition to restaurant and commercial kitchen design services are the icing on the cake.

Most importantly, the driving force behind Chefs’ Toys is their ability to build lasting relationships with customers. Dickler empowers his team to resolve client concerns using their best judgment, “Customers trust us and know that we’re going to be there if they have any issues with anything.” It’s this foundation of relationships and service that allowed the company to thrive and grow to the business that it is today.