New Killer App Restaurants Will Love – SimpleDeal

On Valentine’s Day, SimpleDeal fittingly announced intentions to launch a new app that restaurants may very well fall in love with. What is this killer app? It’s called SimpleDeal. The mobile application allows restaurants to offer deals to former and potential clients – in real time.

Our gift to you, our valued Customer

SimpleDeal was kind enough to offer our foodservice professional customers a free test drive:  Effective February 21st, receive 90 days of unlimited access. To give it a go visit after February 21 to claim your business and enter this promo code: CHEFSTOYSVIP when prompted to receive your 90 days unlimited access to their top level Gold plan.

Unlimited access to their Gold level plan is only $39.99 a month, but it’s free for Chefs’ Toys customers for 90 Days.  That is a value of $119; make sure to follow the link above and use the CHEFSTOYSVIP code when prompted.

How does it work?

Picture this: a consumer is walking right outside your restaurant and they’ve downloaded the free SimpleDeal app. Users can point their smartphone toward any restaurant (the app shows everything in the near vicinity) and if the place they choose is a subscriber, they hit the easy button called “Give me the details!” The consumer gets a list of current promotional offerings for your restaurant. They can then choose to claim that deal and voila, you have secured a client in real time, in a fresh, relevant manner. And as we all know – getting them in the door is the hardest part. Once they’ve dined, and are aware that you offer deals via SimpleDeal, it’s likely you have a fan for life. In addition to this feature to bring in new diners, restaurant managers can reach out to previous customers and advertise deals via email. It is customer-direct marketing specific to the restaurant industry, re-imagined for the smartphone era, with all the bells and whistles that entails.

Simple Deal

Another benefit we see is that the SimpleDeal app it sidesteps “review” sites like Yelp and allows you to interface with patrons individually, right when they are making the decision on where to dine. We think this offers great potential for our valued foodservice customers, to reach consumers without the difficulty (and cost) of traditional media. Operators can log on to their SimpleDeal account and advertise whatever they’d like on the fly. Imagine the possibilities for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day! And so on, and so on – you control your message, and you invite your clientele to enjoy discounts on items that you want to move. Refreshing right?

Simple Deal


According to SimpleDeal, some features of the Gold level plan allow restaurants to:

  • Schedule deals to help drive business when it matters most
  • Send deal messages directly to fans and patrons who haven’t been back to their restaurant for some period of time
  • Automatically send unique deals or experiences to your fans during the month of their birthday
  • Access reporting to learn what thousands of people right outside their door really want when making a dining decision

There are so many offerings out there, so we think it just makes sense to set your restaurant apart and be ahead of the curve when it comes to reaching the consumer. We think SimpleDeal is worth checking out. Let us know your thoughts. We appreciate your business.