Easy Roasted Potatoes: Melissa’s Dutch Yellows Give Chefs a Blank Canvas for Exciting Recipes

Easy Roasted Potatoes: Melissa’s Dutch Yellows Give Chefs a Blank Canvas for Exciting Recipes

Potatoes have become a staple ingredient in many different cultures’ cuisines. From popular snack treats to delicious complement sides that are easy upsells to any order—that equals an increase in profit margin. However, what usually comes along with preparing potatoes is the labor-intensive preparation of peeling, cutting, slicing, roasting, and all the other steps in order to create a delectable dish. Through all the struggles, the clouds seem to have opened from up above with Melissa’s Roasted Dutch Yellow Potatoes. The cooking has already been done for you! Just open the package, season to your liking, and serve!

Easy Roasted PotatoesThe potatoes featured in Melissa’s Roasted Dutch Yellow Potatoes are baby-sized potatoes grown in Magic Valley, Idaho—the ideal place to attain potatoes due to the volcanic soil that helps to create potatoes with thin, smooth, edible skin and a creamy flesh. Melissa’s has always made it their objective to offer “the freshest ideas in produce.” One of their most popular offerings is their Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes. It makes perfect sense that they would elevate a great seller and offer an already-cooked and seasoned version that offers a helping hand to cooks and chefs. These potatoes come out of the bag already delicious on its own.

The skilled cooks at Melissa’s have already done the majority of the work for you by prepping and roasting the potatoes with simply olive oil, salt, and pepper. They’ve provided you with a great foundation to customize the potatoes with additional ingredients and add your signature spin to the dish.

The possibilities are endless with these Roasted Dutch Yellow Potatoes. When you get your hands on these potatoes, you will realize that there are so many different dishes that you can make without the hassle of potato prep! For a morning breakfast spot, a great dish can be a smashed hash with a shower of grated parmesan cheese, a sprinkle of fresh chili peppers, some minced garlic, and parsley. Some other ideas that have come up for these potatoes are: country breakfast potatoes, quick pickled spuds, riced as pie crust, potato crudité with creamy dip, potato salads with vinaigrette, vegan potato poppers with a savory sauce, potato nachos, alright there are more but you probably get the picture.

So, the next time you’re in a pinch, or over on labor expenses and need a quick side dish idea, try Melissa’s Roasted Dutch Yellow Potatoes. Not only are they deliciously prepared and ready for you to transform them in your kitchen, they’re also a quality ingredient that will elevate any dish to its highest potential. Try it out! You may be as hooked as we are!