The Turkey Alternative: Thanksgiving Ham

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Update your menu with options everyone will enjoy. Those who steer away from turkey on Thanksgiving will be looking to find another Thanksgiving favorite on your menu. You can try some twists to your menu or you can make this chef-approved Thanksgiving ham as a meaty alternative.

Tools you need:


Wrap a sheet pan in foil and place a roasting rack and ham on top. Add a light layer of water to the sheet pan.

Cover ham with a dry rub or glaze of your choice.

Place a tight foil tent over ham and place in an oven for 45 minutes at 325ºF. Then remove foil, glaze ham, and return to oven for 45 more minutes.


If you need to slice your ham, use a slicer knife and serve.

Drizzle with your favorite sauce for some extra flavor and enjoy!

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