The Springform Pan: Better Baking

Springform Pan

If you’ve never heard of a springform pan for baking, it’s a great solution for one of a baker’s most stubborn problems: that caked-on gunk that resists easy cleaning after a baking session.

As with many different kinds of modern kitchen and restaurant equipment, the springform cake pan is a fairly simple item that serves a particular use pretty well. It’s a good thing to have around if you need to do quite a bit of baking at the pace of a commercial kitchen, rather than just making the occasional birthday cake.

What Is A Springform Pan?
A springform pan is a baking pan that has an open or removable bottom and sides. This allows for the cake (or whatever you’re baking) to rise to a certain extent, without hitting the surface of the pan.

This is important because many times, if you don’t grease pans properly, you end up with sticky, charred or gooey messes to clean up. The batter tends to stick to the pan. This can take the starch out of a cook’s sails and waste a lot of time.

The springform pan eliminates some of this contact, and saves bakers from a lot of laborious trouble as they try to get more out of every day in the kitchen.

How To Use a Springform Pan
In order to use a springform cake pan, the baker puts the pieces together, and fills the pan with batter, clamping tightly. Then he or she bakes it. After baking, the baker can remove the pieces and take out a nicely formed, shaped cake for cooling, with less mess.

How To Prevent Leakage
In order to prevent batter from leaking around the springform pan, the bottom and sides have to be properly connected. Many of the best models have clamps for this purpose. A precision build also helps, as does a calibration that cooks can adjust according to their needs.

After baking, you can just loosen the edges, take the formed cake out, and apply your fondant, icing or whatever topping or covering you desire.

Springform Pans at Chefs’ Toys
We have various types of springform pans available in 9 x 3 and 8 x 3 sizes, and in adjustable 9 inch, 10 inch and 11 inch diameters. That means you can choose from a model that has a defined thickness, or one that’s open-ended, according to your baking strategy. Baking is an art that needs to take several key factors into account: things like shape, consistency, ratios and temperature – for a specific result. Also, in a restaurant kitchen, good baking means keeping the nature of hundreds of different batches consistent and universal.

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