Introducing the Big Green Egg

Introducing the Big Green Egg

Introducing the Big Green Egg and its Egg-cessories!

Chefs’ Toys is now an authorized seller of the Big Green Egg! Big Green Egg can be found in select stores:

Fountain Valley
San Diego

Not available for purchase online at this time.

Types of Eggs & Egg-cessories

  • Medium Egg
  • Large Egg
  • XL Egg
  • Medium Nest
  • Large nest
  • XL Nest
  • Ceramic ConvEGGtor for XL Egg Charcoal Barrier
  • Ceramic ConvEGGtor for Large Egg Charcoal Barrier
  • Ceramic ConvEGGtor for Medium Egg Charcoal Barrier
  • Hardwood Lump Charcoal 20lbs
  • Natural Charcoal Starters
  • Grid Gripper
  • Ash Tool

Why Big Green Egg?

Simple to Start
If you’re looking for a fast way to test how great the Big Green Egg brand actually is, just light it up. It takes only minutes for this cooker to reach the proper temperature. Simply put in the necessary amount of Big Green Egg® Natural Lump Charcoal and use a starter to light it.

Precise Temperature Control
The Big Green Egg uses a precise cooking control system that includes an air-tight chamber with a patented air flow system that gives YOU total control. If your egg isn’t hot enough, simply open either the top or bottom vent to increase air flow.

Versatile Cooking
The Big Green Egg can do it all! By controlling the temperature, you are able to accomplish different cooking styles. Raise the temperature higher to grill burgers, steaks, chicken or seafood. Lower the temperature to smoke brisket, ribs, wings, or delicious side dishes. Due to its ability to retain heat and moisture, the egg also allows you to roast poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables without losing any of the flavor. Add a convEGGtor and a baking stone and you will be able to bake pizza, bread, pies, cobblers, and more.

Easy Clean-Up
When you’re done using your egg, close the lid. The remaining heat will burn off any food residue. Use the Big Green Egg Grid Cleaner or a stainless steel scrubber to scrape off remnants right before your next cook. No water required (the ceramics will absorb water, so please do not use).

Innovative Design
The Big Green Egg is the highest-quality ceramic cooker on the market!

But what are the benefits of a ceramic grill? The EGG’s design allows it to trap heat inside when in use. This means that it’s safe to touch without worrying about burning your fingers. Being airtight, the design also weatherproofs the cooker which allows you to use it in rain or snow.