You can now get Instant Rebates on commercial foodservice equipment directly from

We want to bring our customers the best possible prices on commercial kitchen equipment, both in stores and online. As part of this, Chefs’ Toys has partnered with the Instant Rebates Program to bring you big discounts on qualifying, high-efficiency equipment through our online store. You can now get the same Instant Rebates that you find in our store locations through the online store, with some rebates as high as $4,000 per unit!

Energy Savings with High Efficiency

Not only can you save with Instant Rebates when you make your purchase, but high-efficiency equipment also saves energy and money over the lifetime of the products. Major cooking appliances account for almost 35% of the average restaurant’s energy expenditures. Efficient equipment can decrease a business’s energy use and costs by as much as 75% compared to standard efficiency equipment.

Who is eligible for Instant Rebates?

If you are purchasing qualifying equipment for a commercial business in California, you may be eligible to get an Instant Rebate directly from the Chefs’ Toys online store. Instant Rebates are offered through the California Foodservice Instant Rebates Program for all non-residential customers of SoCalGas®, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E®), Southern California Edison Company (SCE®), and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E®). See the below territory map for details on qualifying areas.

Finding qualifying equipment

High-efficiency products listed on the California Energy Wise qualifying product list are eligible for Instant Rebates.

On the Chefs Toys website, you can find rebates on the following types of equipment:

 Identifying qualifying equipment on the Chefs Toys’ website is easy! Follow these simple steps:

  • When prompted, confirm that you are installing equipment in an eligible ZIP Code (Note: qualifying equipment must be installed in an eligible ZIP code in order to receive an Instant Rebate)
  • Look for Instant Rebates while browsing Qualifying equipment will be labeled with a red Instant Rebates banner on the grid pages and available Instant Rebates will be shown on the product detail pages.

How it works

Instant Rebates will automatically be applied as a discount directly in your cart and at checkout. There’s no paperwork and no waiting – it’s easy!

You must be a non-residential customer of a sponsoring utility purchasing qualifying high-efficiency equipment in order to receive an Instant Rebate. Customers who receive an Instant Rebate may be contacted or visited by the program administrator to verify that the rebated units have been installed at the installation location noted at checkout.