Grilling Essentials – Everything You Need to Be a Grill Master

You’ve meal-prepped for four weeks in a row, and, frankly, after this last slow cooker recipe, you’re ready to hit pause on the stews and start grilling your own juicy burgers, ribs, and hot dogs. There’s only one problem: you have a small grill on your patio and hardly any equipment or experience.

At Chefs’ Toys, we want to provide every potential grillmaster with the BBQ tools they need to perfect their burger game and become comfortable in front of the grill. Order these grilling utensils and tools to stock your kitchen with the essentials for savory, smoky meats and vegetables.

Grilling Tools 
To begin grilling food in your yard or patio, you will, logically, need to buy a grill. What other tools are important for a BBQ enthusiast to keep at home?

Charcoal Grill
The thrill of grilling over live charcoal also carries distinct advantages: charcoal burns drier and hotter than propane, delivering a more flavorful char. Charcoal grills with multiple height options grant you more control over the grilling temperature. Still, a basic, round grill will enable you to make delectable recipes, as long as you keep it clean and maintain control over your grilling process.

Chimney Starter
Are you unsure how to start a charcoal grill? The most effective option is to use a chimney starter. Your coals will ignite in about 15 minutes, and, most crucially, they will light evenly, with no unlit coals on the outer edges of your grill. By using a chimney starter and natural lump coal, you won’t need to resort to lighter fluid. Lighter fluid can lend your meats and other grilled food a petroleum taste.

Meat Thermometer
Sure, you can throw caution to the wind and take a slab of meat off the grill when it looks “ready.” But the best way to guarantee a steak or burger is adequately cooked is to check its internal temperature with a meat thermometer. Instant-read thermometers can return accurate readings in two to three seconds, and many models contain thin, sharp probes for effortless insertion.

Spice Grinder
Do you dream of being crowned the dry rub master? Equipping your grill station with a spice grinder will enable you to pulverize spices in seconds and whip up a mouth-watering dry rub without stepping away from the action. Commercial spice grinders ensure cleanup is quick and easy so you can streamline your entire grilling and preparation process.

Grilling Utensils
Don’t grab the spatulas and tongs you use for the stovetop. Instead, keep these grilling utensils within arm’s reach when you’re ready to work some magic on your grill.

Grill Hoe
When working with a charcoal grill, you should rearrange your coals to control the heat and exposure while you grill multiple types of food. The best utensil for moving coals around inside your grill is a handheld grill hoe or a garden hoe made of heat-resistant materials. Only use hoes with wooden handles — you don’t want the smell of burnt plastic wafting through the yard.

Grill Scraper
Before you fire up the grill for your latest afternoon BBQ, you should always thoroughly clean your grill grates and surfaces. This process begins with a grill scraper. Wide edges and a sharp, stainless steel blade provide you with a powerful method of removing char, grease, and other debris from your grill before cooking.

Grill Brush
After using your grill scraper, turn to a mighty grill brush to finish the job. Extra-long handles grant you the ability to reach every nook and cranny without straining or endangering yourself. Grill brushes with stainless steel bristles powerfully remove tougher debris and grease.

Long-handle Tongs
Do your best not to puncture meats on the grill. A grill fork can cause problems, so instead flip and turn your meats with long-handle tongs. Sturdy, spring-loaded tongs that measure at least 16 inches will be able to lift an entire chicken without buckling. You will also want a proper grill spatula so you can sear chicken, pork, and other popular foods with precision and control.

Slicer Knife
Do you have some counter space to prep and store the food fresh off the grill? Bring a sharp slicer knife outside to carve your meats and serve them directly from the grill. Slice thinner portions of veggies or roasts using a slicer knife with scalloped edges. Also, use a wood cutting board large enough for whatever you’re smoking on the grill.

Grill Accessories 
These accessories will make grilling easier, safer, and more intuitive.

Grill Gloves
Put your safety first, especially when handling hot grates and meat. Heavy gloves with long sleeves shield your hands and forearms from wayward sparks and random flare-ups. Our Rotissi-Glove protects your hands from temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds.

Grill Basket
You want to grill shrimp, delicate fish, or small vegetables on a traditional grill grate? Save yourself the headache with a grill basket. Some grill baskets work best for one type of food. They come in a wide variety of sizes so you can find a grill basket to fit most grills. With a grill grid or basket, you can cook any entree on your grill without small pieces disappearing into the coals.

Meat Shredder
Are you craving a pulled pork sandwich? Instead of creating that indulgent delicacy with your fingers, simplify the work with a pair of meat shredders that can make quick work of pork butt. Also called meat claws or shredding claws, these affordable accessories should be considered staples for any consummate barbecuer.

Rib Rack
You will usually want to serve at least four racks of ribs at your cookout, but standard-size grills will only fit one or two at a time. When you regularly grill ribs, a simple rib rack will solve this dilemma by holding slabs upright. When you cook ribs using a rib rack, you also benefit from the vertical position draining the excess fat from your ribs while grilling.

Get Your Grilling Essentials at Chefs’ Toys
When you’re ready to elevate your grilling game and become a real burger king or queen, expand your tools beyond the basics with this expansive list of grilling essentials. Your home will become the de facto spot for BBQs, cookouts, and celebrations in no time.

Order grilling and BBQ accessories from Chefs’ Toys for long-lasting, high-quality utensils and tools that real chefs trust.