Does Your Commercial Kitchen Have the Perfect Cooking Range?

A range is the heart of your commercial kitchen. It combines the two most important cooking appliances—the oven and the stove.

Is your range right for your kitchen?

How to Choose the Best Commercial Cooking Range

There are so many different types of commercial cooking ranges out there that can completely revolutionize the operations of your kitchen. We’re breaking down all cooking ranges to help you better understand what your commercial kitchen needs to operate at its best.

Types of Commercial Cooking Ranges

Gas Range
Gas ranges have been the most relied upon ranges. They allow for the most heat precision that other models can’t. With a gas range, you can move between different levels of heat within an instant, and because you can see the actual flame, you get a visual clue as to how hot your burner is.

Gas ranges can also be better for energy use costs. You can expect to save more with a gas unit, but if you do not already have the gas hookups, it can be expensive to set up.

Countertop Range
Countertop ranges are great for smaller kitchens. These compact induction cookers use electric power to create heat using a magnetic field rather than gas or radiant coils. This type of heat production cooks food faster than gas and can help cut both unit costs and power costs.

Countertop ranges are typically the size of a cooking pot or pan. Because of their small size, they can be portable, easily set up, and can create a better cooking atmosphere in the kitchen.

Stockpot and Wok Range
Stockpot and wok ranges are designed to be an add on for large or busy kitchens. They are fit with one burner that has its own separate temperature controls. Most commercial kitchens use this type of burner as an add on to house bulk quantities of stock, soup, and pasta.

This range add-on features a larger burner space, which allows for quicker heating and reheating. This type of unit should be installed by a professional to ensure the best, most efficient usage.

Electric Range
Electric ranges are becoming increasingly more popular in commercial kitchens. Electric ranges allow for efficient cooking and simple set up. Typically, this type of unit comes in a wide variety of sizes, widths, number of burners, and styles which can be an excellent alternative for smaller or oddly shaped kitchens.

One drawback that most chefs tend to experience with electric ranges is heat control. For decades, chefs have relied upon the instant gratification of seeing a flame get stronger with a turn of a knob. Electric ranges use internal radiant coils as the source of heat, which can be a bit confusing at first.

Portable Gas Range
Portable gas ranges marry the benefits of the portability of electric units with the accuracy of gas heat. While these are typically used for events or temporary circumstances, they can be a great addition to a commercial kitchen.

Typically fit with just one burner, these portable gas ranges can make for a quick addition to aid during busy dining times or can be used to keep bulk items hot in buffet-style restaurants.

Installing Your Range

Once you find the perfect cooking range for your commercial range, it’s important to note the make, model, and serial number before installation. This information will make servicing, replacing parts, or troubleshooting significantly easier. For commercial ranges, you can find these numbers inside of the front door or located on the back or side panel. Note these numbers and keep them in a visible place so you can easily access them if and when they are needed.

Finding the Best Range for Your Kitchen

No matter if you’re building a brand new kitchen or looking to make some new additions, your range choice will always be the most important. So, don’t go at it alone. Consulting with a professional will ensure that you get the best possible range for your needs, kitchen, and staff. They will be able to assess your menu and kitchen to recommend options that work specifically for you and your budget. At Chefs’ Toys, we specialize in creating efficient kitchens. Let us help you take the guesswork out of outfitting your kitchen.