Concessions Equipment Buying Guide

Concessions Buying Guide

So many different types of food service businesses benefit from having concessions equipment on hand! You have your county fairs and sporting events and various types of happenings in public parks or other venues. You have your movie theaters and indoor attractions as well.

Theme parks, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls – the list goes on. Concessions equipment is some of the most versatile and portable gear that you can use to provide tasty snacks for big crowds (or modestly sized congregations.)

Here’s a guide to some of the best types of concessions equipment to include in your toolkit when you are building any kind of concession stand, anywhere.

Popcorn Machines
Popcorn Machines

Going back to basics, there’s nothing like a hot bag of salty, buttery popcorn.

Popcorn is not hard from a logistical angle, and it doesn’t require specialized storage or some of the other extras that you’ll need for other snack apparatus. Also, you can easily add some confections or savories to make popcorn balls or flavored popcorn that will really pack a punch!

You will probably want to get a durable model with quality glass sides and a well-crafted metal structure, as well as adequate heating to pop the corn and keep it heated as you sell it. You’ll want those old-timey striped bags, too, or maybe bags branded with your own logo to get street cred.

Nacho and Snack Merchandisers
Nacho Merchandiser

Another favorite is cheesy nachos, which again, is one of the more portable choices for concession and snack equipment. Some models will handle both popcorn and nachos in a versatile merchandiser booth-style piece of equipment.

Again, look for sturdy and durable equipment that has the right display setups to make your snack offerings prominently visible to passersby. A good reflector flood lamp with significant wattage is a plus, too.

Hot Dog Rollers
Hot Dog Roller

These workhorses of the concession kitchen can heat up hot dogs, sausages, or those strange rolled-up things they sell in convenience stores. Unlike the convenience store snacks, though, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when it comes to what you’re steaming up on the roller. For example, complement a high-quality stainless steel roller with display features by introducing higher-quality bratwurst, kielbasa or other sausage that can bring premium prices and mouthwatering flavor to your stand.

Snow Cone Machines
Snow Cone Machine

Sometimes it’s time for an icy, sweet snack. That’s where the snow cone machine comes in.

In looking for snow cone machines (more powerful and hygienic than the old-school Snoopy home models) you’ll want models that have adequate space for cold ice, as well as paper cups or dispensers, and the syrup and everything else that goes into production. As with the other kinds of equipment, you’ll also want intuitive controls and easy operation. Some have portion control technology built in as well. Check out the Kikico Cerro Cube Ice Shaver for 7 pounds per minute of fresh snow cone material.

Pizza Gear
Pizza Oven

The concession pizza is the jewel of many a roving concession business. Pizza is fundamentally portable, which is part of why it’s such a common part of our diet in the first place. But although sit-down restaurants may feature elegant and exquisitely crafted dinner pizzas, concession stands can turn out hasty, tasty to-go pizza that fits on your plate or in your hand.

When it comes to pizza ovens, you need something that’s small enough to cart around, but large enough to accommodate your production goals. How many people will you serve in a given five or ten minute time frame? It’s good to have some kind of ballpark idea as you go to buy your pizza oven and associated gear. You also want to have things like metal pizza trays, cutters and all of the extras to facilitate quick-paced pizza production for your hungry crowds.

Bain Maries And Hot Tray Holders
Bain Marie

In singing the praises of pizza, let’s not forget the appeal of its non-marinara brethren.

Pizza ovens can also help you to produce both breadsticks and soft pretzels for additional snack options.

All of these doughy wares can be kept hot for consumption in a bain marie or hot tray, so that you don’t end up serving lukewarm paperweights instead of piping hot chewy morsels of goodness.

When it comes to the hot tray, you have choices – some operate with electrical systems and others either require an infusion of previously heated water or, in some cases for mobile catering, a can of sterno underneath. Most of the newer models are fully electric, and you can get specially shaped and sized options to fit your needs.

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