What are BTU’s and How Do They Apply to Cooking?

What are BTU’s and How Do They Apply to Cooking?

One of the major specifications to look for on gas-powered cooking equipment is BTUs. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it represents the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. Basically, BTUs tell how much energy output gas-powered cooking equipment has. The more BTUs per commercial range, oven or piece of commercial cooking equipment have the more heat energy it can produce.

BTU and Multiple Cooking Surfaces
When searching for cooking equipment with multiple cooking surfaces, like the Wolf C36-C-6B Challenger XL Series, it is important to look at the BTU rating for each cooking area. The C36-C-6B has six open burners on the top that can produce 30,000 BTU each. TheC36-C-6B also comes with a convection oven in the base which produces 35,000 BTU of heat energy. It is also important to make sure the necessary gas volume for the equipment to operate properly is available.


*Specifications for the Wolf C36-C-6B Challenger XL Series

There are other pieces of gas-powered cooking equipment with different configurations and BTU ratings. When sorting through the different BTU ratings, remember that units with high BTU will cook faster and are ideal for cooking large volumes of food, like a stock pot full of soup. A lower BTU rating will heat foods more slowly and is ideal for small dishes or foods that need to cook evenly over a longer period of time, like a cake. More BTUs is often better, but not always. Higher BTUs makes boiling water faster, but food in a frying pan doesn’t necessarily need more BTUs. Food will only absorb heat so fast before it burns.