Restaurant Supply Store: What to Look For

Restaurant Supply Store: What to Look For.

Any experienced chef knows that every great restaurant starts with a quality kitchen. And a quality kitchen starts with three key components: 1) efficiency in its layout 2) all safety and health code requirements are met, and 3) the quality of its equipment.

If you start with an empty kitchen, it is a blank canvas. How does one find the best restaurant supply store to fill their canvas? What makes a good dealer? Can you really get all three key factors covered, and covered well, under one dealer’s roof?

Kitchen Design Services – The Foundation is in the Layout

Having a commercial kitchen with the proper ergonomic design and free-flow layout for staff needs is the foundation on which all other components of a successful kitchen is laid upon. Inefficiencies can lead to the increase expense of needing more staff, delays in the kitchen, cross contamination of food, excessive food costs and waste, workers’ comp, fire hazard issues, and the end all – your kitchen being closed by the health department because it is not up to code.

At Chefs’ Toys, our expert designers configure the best kitchen for the commercial kitchen’s needs and the requirements by the health department. Whether it is for a hospital, restaurant, hotel, food truck or anywhere a commercial kitchen is needed, the friendly, experienced design consultants at any Chefs’ Toys location can help bring your vision to fruition.

A great foodservice equipment dealer will offer great service beyond design services and equipment selection. Having your fridge show up at your doorstep from a random online dealer is one thing. A great dealer will unpack your items, set your equipment in place, install accessories like casters, and will remove the packaging from the premises. And to kick it up a few more notches, a great dealer can provide value-added services like ice machine and refrigeration installation, shelving assembly, equipment leveling, and hauling away old equipment. Chefs’ Toys is proud of its premium white glove delivery service and professional commercial equipment installation services.

Wide Selection and Great Prices For All of Your Needs

“We scrutinize every product we bring in. Our customers feel confident that the products on our shelves will work well and provide great value.”

 -Debbie, Chefs’ Toys, Anaheim

Your restaurant supply store should carry front of house items in addition to foodservice equipment and commercial appliances. In foodservice, emergencies always happen – sometimes at the worst time. Your restaurant supply dealer should have the majority of their larger items in stock, ready for immediate delivery at great prices. If your fryer goes out in the morning can your supplier deliver and install same day? Don’t play the waiting game, because every day spent waiting is a day of revenue lost. A great restaurant supply dealer will take service to the next level and offer great services like premium white glove delivery, including professional delivery, installation, and the removal of your old equipment and rubbish. 

“I can dare you to ask me for something you think we don’t have and I bet I can show you where it is in Chefs’ Toys,”

– Debbie

Open stock bar, baking, and cooking items can be purchased individually or in discounted lots. From mixologists, to home chefs, and bakers, Chefs’ Toys has everything you need to create your magic and serve others. Not only can you purchase items in the store, but our stock is also available online at for our customers’ convenience.

Knowing is only half of the recipe. The other half is execution. 

From new culinary students to well established restaurateurs, customer service should begin with listening to the customer. Execution begins with customer service. Chefs’ Toys works with the local culinary arts schools like LATTC, Cerritos College, the Culinary Lab, and other schools to educate and provide tools and knife kits for the students, including shoes and chef’s coats with customized embroidered names. At Chefs’ Toys, it is not just about the sale but about making the right sale. For instance, if someone comes in asking for a 72” refrigerator, a sales consultant will ask, “Why?” Sometimes, the customer will actually need a 50” freezer with a cabinet.

Service shouldn’t stop after the sale either. Foodservice supply stores should follow through with customers to make sure they are happy with their purchases. According to Debbie at Chefs’ Toys, a restaurant equipment veteran with decades of experience, “It is just a part of what makes a sales transaction complete.” Returning customers and referrals are the biggest indications that a restaurant supply store is doing it right, just like it is to the restaurant itself.

If you are looking for a restaurant supply store ask around for referrals. That’s how Chefs’ Toys evolved from a one-man knife sharpening operation to a foodservice enterprise since 1988. Always do the right thing, and customers will tell others. Chefs’ Toys business philosophy is to treat all people with respect: customers, manufacturers, and employees alike. Of course we’d love for you to check out one of our Chefs’ Toys restaurant supply stores. For more information, please visit