Restaurant Manager Job Description Template

Restaurant Manager Job Description Template.

Locating an effective restaurant manager is becoming increasingly difficult. What criteria do employers base their decisions on? We reached out to some of our most successful Chefs’ Toys customers (who happen to be restaurant owners) and asked them what they look for in a manager. Based on our findings, we consolidated their feedback into a job template. Copy and edit as you see fit when you’re placing a future ad. Thanks to our friends at Zov’s, The Crema Café, Slapfish, Café Beau Soleil and Burger Parlor for their time and input.

Note: One attribute that is up for debate is whether a candidate should have restaurant experience– in their degree, on the job or otherwise. In the minds of hospitality professionals, many things are teachable. However, the innate ability to provide excellent customer service in any industry is always valued.

On the flip side, work experience or a degree in hospitality can be invaluable. They already understand the business, and can help it grow. Someone who is well-versed in food and labor cost, or legalities and rights of employees will be able to look out for your best interests. The decision to include or exclude is yours to make.

Here is a template based on feedback received. Copy and edit to match your establishment’s specific needs, and good luck in your recruiting efforts.

Job title: Restaurant Manager

Reports to: Food and Beverage Manager, General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures guest happiness and expectations are reached through superior customer service
  • Acts as a leader and mentor by training and empowering staff
  • Implements and enforces policies
  • Maintains sanitation and safety standards
  • Responds to guest feedback in a timely manner
  • Controls costs and minimizes waste
  • Administers human resources objectives including payroll
  • Plans menus with chef
  • Participates in industry opportunities, including networking and reading industry news

Restaurant Manager Qualifications and Skills:

  • Possesses a four-year college degree
  • Provides a history of stable work experience in management
  • Shows strong work ethic; able to establish short and long term goals
  • Works with friendly demeanor and likes to smile
  • Manages others with an engaging personality and sense of humor
  • Exudes understanding and compassionate nature
  • Prioritizes responsibilities accordingly
  • Demonstrates punctuality
  • Remains calm under pressure
  • Runs an organized operation