Commercial BBQ Equipment: The Minimalist’s Guide to Smokin’ Profits

Commercial BBQ Equipment: The Minimalist’s Guide to Smokin’ Profits.

Thinking about creating an outdoor barbecue area in your restaurant, but baffled about how to get started? Relax, the basics are easy and we’ve created a list of all things necessary to get your master pit started.

The Outdoor Grill
For restaurants grilling up fresh steaks, burgers, chicken breasts, kabobs or other tasty creations, the commercial outdoor grill is essential. Powered by propane gas, our selection of outdoor grills are available in single tank to multiple tank units. Single tank units resemble residential grills and are ideal for small restaurants. For larger restaurants, catering companies and resorts, large multi-tank units offer a larger grilling area and longer burn time.


The Outdoor Charbroiler
All of our commercial outdoor charbroilers are ready for mobility. With sizes varying from 38 inches to 72 inches wide, these units are able to grill up large volumes of meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. Much like the outdoor grill, select a unit that matches the volume of traffic you serve on a daily basis. Catering companies, resorts and large restaurants will want to look for a charbroiler with a large grill space, such as the Crown Verity BM-60 72” Mobile Outdoor Charbroiler, while smaller establishments will find our 38- to 44-inch charbroilers suitable for daily use.


How about Smoked Pizza Toppings?
In a QSR magazine article about Gourmet Healthy Pizza Options, smoked veggie and meat toppings are highlighted as a way to add something new to pizza topping ideas. Consider using a commercial food smoker to enhance a variety of your menu items.

The Food Smoker
If your restaurant is looking to naturally infuse the smoky flavoring of mesquite, cherry wood, apple wood, cedar or hickory into your meats, poultry, fish or cheese, then you are going to need a food smoker. From stovetop to electric, we have food smokers that are easy to operate and portable.