Commercial Bakery Supplies: Measuring Up Success

Commercial Bakery Supplies: Measuring Up Success.

Let’s take a look at all the measuring tools a commercial bakery needs to make each recipe perfect.

Measuring Cups – Available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel construction, quality measuring cups provide exact measurements for a variety of ingredients including: liquid, solid and powder substances.


Digital Portion Control Scales – With a precision that works with the stickiest of ingredients, the digital portion control scale provides precision, conversions and easy clean-up all within one easy-to-use device.


Graduated Measuring Cups – For the pastry chef with limited counter and drawer space, graduated measuring cups lend a multi-purposed hand. Eliminating the need for separate measuring cups, graduated cups have marked amounts of ounces and quarts along the side.


Mechanical Portion Control Scales – A little old-school? Sure. But mechanical portion control scales are built with a ruggedness that will last for years and years. This is a great economic option for those who are looking to save money on their supplies.


Measuring Spoons – Have you ever put too much cayenne pepper into a recipe? Remember that tongue on fire feeling? Avoid recipe mishaps and use measuring spoons to figure out the tiniest additions to an exact amount. Remember to measure your ingredients away from the bowl – to avoid spilling into the mix.


Baker’s Dough Scale –Ideal for large batches of dough for bread, cookies and other recipes, a baker’s dough scale provides accurate measurement for big recipes. Tare features enable bakers to use a removable scooping tool that helps handle sticky dough without making a mess.


Every recipe begins with measuring out the ingredients. Although many bakers and pastry chefs “eyeball” their measurements, the proper measuring supplies provide accuracy and consistency for a product your customers can rely on. Keep your recipes a consistent success with the right measuring tools for the job. 


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